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Sonolize in the press

Sonolize offers a platform for composers and their sheet music

The Dutch company Sonolize offers a worldwide digital platform for composers and their creations.

By Mark van de Voort, Den Bosch

Working had in your attic on the most beautiful music scores. A romantic image that people often have of the lonely composer. Creative inspiration and perspiration that should also bring in money. And that is where the shoe often pinches. Sonolize wants to offer an alternative for composers who want to offer their scores.
“We notice a lot of frustration among music makers,” says Kamiel Rietsema, General Manager of Sonolize. “The world of music publishers is a traditional bastion. Composers are poorly paid for all their creative work. With Sonolize we opt for an alternative that is more in line with the future. ” Rietsema and creative director Jan Gerrit Adema launched their online company Sonolize at the beginning of this month. A creative start-up in the heart of the Dutch city Den Bosch.
Sonolize is a digital platform where composers can sell their scores and musicians can download sheet music. ”And that at a fair price for the work delivered,” Adema emphasizes. “Where most music publishers transfer a maximum of 15 percent of the selling price to the composer, we offer the music makers 65 percent. In addition, the composer retains the copyrights and they receive 100% of the royalties. We give the composer back as much freedom as possible. ”

Digital revolution
During an animated café conversation between Adema and Rietsema, the idea arose for a new, fair and more sustainable music publisher. Adema is a composer and celebrated conductor within the brass band world. Rietsema is active as a Human Resources consultant. “A good mix. He doesn't know anything about barlines and I'm not that handy with euros, ”smiles Adema. "Fortunately, we do have the same dry humor." Rietsema was gripped by Adema's story about the conservative world of music publishers. “In addition to the poor payment of composers, there is also talk of a digital revolution in the music world. More and more musicians and conductors work with iPads. Paper scores are giving way to digital sheet music. We respond to that. ”

"In the fragmented landscape of contemporary music, such a central place as Sonolize is a godsend"
Kamiel Rietsema

Of course composers can publish their own work. “But as a composer or new talent you are not easily found. In the fragmented landscape of contemporary music, such a central place as Sonolize is a godsend ”, expects Rietsema. “Our website is a combination of Facebook and E-bay. As a composer you maintain a profile page with biography and sheet music. In addition, there is a search function for interested musicians where you can search for specific scores. The selected score can then be purchased and downloaded with a mouse click. ”
Forty composers have now been registered with Sonolize, from the Netherlands, Belgium and the UK. Local composers such as Matthias van Nispen and Fons van Gorp already offer their wares on the Sonolize website. You can choose from several hundred scores: from harmony and choir, to symphonic and piano music. “We are actively looking for new composing talent,” says Adema. “During the corona period, this was mainly done via the internet, but we also visit festivals and maintain contacts with conservatories and orchestras. Everyone should know that there is an alternative to traditional publishing. This is largely motivated by idealism, and in the long run it would be nice if we could get something out of it ourselves. ”


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More music at school

In the days previous to the Dutch Queen Máxima's 50th birthday on 17 May, the Dutch foundation "Meer Muziek in de Klas" (More music education at schools) is calling on all of the Netherlands to make an extra effort in music education at schools. 

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From piano music to orchestral works.

The great thing about Sonolize is that composers know how to find each other to learn from each other. Tom Schipper, for example, helps the young composer Tae Hyung Ruisch to become even better. Read his blog on how.

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Interview with Adriaan Dropsie

We are very excited that Adriaan Dropsie is offering his classical Spanish compositions for guitar and flute through Sonolize. We would like to introduce him to you in this interview.

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Webinar by Alex Schillings at Brabant Association

"The search for the main and side issues. A lifelong occupation for a conductor ". That is the title of the webinar that Alex Schillings will be leading on Sunday 24 January at the invitation of the Brabant Association of Music Associations (BBM).

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VLAMO aims a composition competition for fanfare

The Flemish music organisation VLAMO is focusing on the brass band for the 2021 Composition Competition. Composers can participate by submitting a new work for the lower divisions before August 31, 2021.

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Merry Christmas and a happy New Year

We wish all our friends, composers and musicians a beautiful Christmas season and a joyful, inspiring, successful, peaceful, musical and most importantly a happy and healthy 2021.

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Drummer & pianist Jeroen Elfferich: "The essence of music lies in simplicity"

Interesting article - in Dutch - about Jeroen Elfferich and his passion for music, written by Thea Derks on Contemporary Classical.

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How can I find the copyright holder as an arranger?

If you want to arrange a work from a composer, you will have to ask the copyright holder. But how do you find out who manages the rights of the composer you are looking for?

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Composers newsletter

Check out this autumn's Composers newsletter with tips on applying for rights as arranger, marketing and music uploading.

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Interview with Arend Gerds

We are very excited that Arend Gerds offers his own classical compositions for wind music through Sonolize. We would like to introduce him and his passion for composing to you in this interview.

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Press release

Groundbreaking initiative Sonolize offers an alternative to traditional publishers of sheet music

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Masterclass Composition and Conducting

The School of the Arts in Bern (Switzerland) offers a masterclass Composition and Conducting, specifically for Brass bands. 

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COVID-19 responses from the music sector

From the Music sector, various actions are taken per country to support music authors and the music sector in general during these difficult times.

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Sonolize is growing

We have great ambitions and want to become the place in Europe where composers can offer and sell their sheet music digitally.

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Fair practice code

Sonolize endorses the Fair Practice Code for entrepreneurship in the arts and culture sector. It's all about Fair Pay, Fair Share and Fair Chain.

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Advisory board

We are proud to anounce that Alex Schillings, Mariska Bogaard-Rethans, Micha Schimmel and Geert van Wijk will take a seat in the Sonolize Advisory Board.

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Merry Christmas and let’s celebrate 2020

We wish our friends, composers and musicians a beautiful Christmas season and a happy, healthy, joyful, inspiring, successful, peaceful, musical and truly amazing welcome in the ‘roaring twenties’.

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Proudly we present

We are proud to announce that a number of composers have joined us to realize something special together with us.

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Sonolize is live

Join Sonolize and start up- and downloading music today. From composers to players, digital, independent, fair and with a wide choice of qualified music.

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