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Groundbreaking initiative Sonolize offers an alternative to traditional publishers of sheet music

Finally, there is an alternative to traditional publishers because Sonolize is launched today. Sonolize is the online platform where composers and musicians digitally offer and buy sheet music with a fair fee for the composer. Independent, digital, buy and download at the click of a mouse, with a wide variety of high-quality offer.

Fair online platform for and by composers
The founders of Sonolize believe that composers deserve an honest fee for their work.
Therefore, as composer you will receive 65% of the selling price. In addition, the copyrights remain with the composer. As a result, the composer receives most of the selling price and all royalties instead of the publisher. Furthermore, Sonolize is free to use.

Why Sonolize
Jan-Gerrit Adema, Creative Director of Sonolize and himself a conductor and composer by profession: “The landscape for composers is becoming increasingly fragmented because a growing number of composers are offering their music themselves out of dissatisfaction with the current publishing world. Much music therefore remains untraceable. Sonolize is simply found faster because it is the place where supply and demand come together. Sonolize is the future for composers”.

How does it work
“A composer has his own profile page at Sonolize where they can sell their own music. He also has direct insight into his own sales data and can change, add or remove compositions, news or other data at any time. We also make it easy for buyers. They can choose from a wide variety of high quality, Easy to find with a simple style indication and buy and download music at the touch of a button. They buy directly from the composer and it is sustainable because no paper or transport is needed”, says Managing Director Kamiel Rietsema.

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Masterclass Composition and Conducting

The School of the Arts in Bern (Switzerland) offers a masterclass Composition and Conducting, specifically for Brass bands. 

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COVID-19 responses from the music sector

From the Music sector, various actions are taken per country to support music authors and the music sector in general during these difficult times.

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Sonolize is growing

We have great ambitions and want to become the place in Europe where composers can offer and sell their sheet music digitally.

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Fair practice code

Sonolize endorses the Fair Practice Code for entrepreneurship in the arts and culture sector. It's all about Fair Pay, Fair Share and Fair Chain.

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Advisory board

We are proud to anounce that Alex Schillings, Mariska Bogaard-Rethans, Micha Schimmel and Geert van Wijk will take a seat in the Sonolize Advisory Board.

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Merry Christmas and let’s celebrate 2020

We wish our friends, composers and musicians a beautiful Christmas season and a happy, healthy, joyful, inspiring, successful, peaceful, musical and truly amazing welcome in the ‘roaring twenties’.

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Proudly we present

We are proud to announce that a number of composers have joined us to realize something special together with us.

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Sonolize is live

Join Sonolize and start up- and downloading music today. From composers to players, digital, independent, fair and with a wide choice of qualified music.

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