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Sonolize is the online platform for composers and musicians to digitally offer and buy sheet music. A new generation platform, independent and with a high-quality offer. Sonolize is all about music, for composers and musicians.


As a musician you can find a wide variety of sheet music at Sonolize. A new generation platform, easy, digital, independent and with a high quality offer. Start downloading your sheet music today.



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Our dream is one place for composers and musicians to meet, with a fair price for the composer, where you can easily download the music with a mouse click. Read more about Sonolize and how it works.


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We believe that composers deserve an honest fee. Therefore, as composer you will receive 65% of the price. And of course, you will remain owner of your copyrights. Join Sonolize, start uploading today.


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In the spotlight

18th Sonata for piano

Composer name

Frank Nuyts

The first performance by Roland Peelman, February 25, 2015. Music Centre De Bijloke Gent

2 together book 2

Composer name

Luc Van Loo

2 Together book 2, 6 duets for piano


Composer name

Ward De Vleeschhouwer

Snack for piano four hands

New music

CANZONA OPUS 163 (2017)

Composer name

Marc van Delft

Ik heb meerdere werken voor deze bezetting geschreven, maar dit werk was het meest geinspireerd op de indrukwekkende canzona's van Gabrieli. Vandaar dat het de naam 'Canzona' kreeg.

Lay a Garland

Composer name

Robert Lucas Pearsall

Joop van Dijk

Brass Band

Mozart Sonate K189e (280) F-dur

Composer name

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Peter Besseling

Arrangement two piano's


Composer name

Masterclass Composition and Conducting

The School of the Arts in Bern (Switzerland) offers a masterclass Composition and Conducting, specifically for Brass bands. 

Composer name

COVID-19 responses from the music sector

From the Music sector, various actions are taken per country to support music authors and the music sector in general during these difficult times.

Composer name

Sonolize is growing

We have great ambitions and want to become the place in Europe where composers can offer and sell their sheet music digitally.

Join Sonolize and start up- and downloading music today. From composers to players, digital, independent, fair and with a high quality offer.

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