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Our dream is to connect musicians and composers from all over the world by making sheet music available with just a click on an easy-to-use platform that stands for fair pay, fair play for composers. 


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In the spotlight: Belgium pearls

Our Choice

2nd Sonata 'nomen nudum' for piano solo

Composer name

Frank Nuyts

First performance, 25th October 2002, villa Basta - Houthalen (Belgium)

Neo Classical music for guitar - part 2

Composer name

Tom Van de Venne

5 solo pieces for classical guitar

Kay El'leM

Composer name

Jan Huylebroeck

Piccolo and piano

New individual music

Colours : 7 pieces for piano

Composer name

Steven De Baecke

A collection of 7 short educational pieces: Oker, Sepia, Violet, Taupe, Indigo, Fuchsia and Turquoise

Sur la Moselle

Composer name

Miranda Zuurbier

The piece of music gives an impression of a journey on the Moselle and of reflections on the flow of life.

Fantasia op 'Reuzegom'

Composer name

Ludo Geloen

Fantasia upon a Dutch traditional about giants

New orchestra music

Fanfare and Prelude

Composer name

Joop van Dijk

Wind Band

In the bleak midwinter - Christmas Carol

Composer name

Evert van Merode

The famous text by Christina Rossetti 'In the bleak midwinter' put to music for a 4-part choir, piano and percussion

De Herdertjes Lagen Bij Nachte

Composer name

Joseph Alberdingk Thijm

Jos Pommer

Small wind band: woodwinds, saxophone quartet, french horn, double bass (opt.)


Composer name

Summer 2024 catalogue

Looking for unique and high-quality sheet music? Check our summer catalog with a small selection of our almost 1700 compositions.

Composer name

Koen Van Biesen about his 'Elegy'

During the Flemish Open Brass Band Championships (VOBK) in Mechelen in april, the work 'Elegy' by Koen Van Biesen was the compulsory piece in the D Division.

Composer name

Interview with David Dolatowski

David Dolatowski is a classically trained composer with a PhD in Music Composition. His “classical” compositions ranging from intense classical and dramatic pieces to beautiful Native American flute songs include works for orchestra, concert band, mixed and women’s choirs, as well as a wide variety of chamber music. His compositions are played all over the world. 

Sonolize, from classical, wind, opera, religious, Latin, jazz, or folk music. For individual players, orchestra, brass band, choir, or ensemble.

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