Three Canonic Pieces
Steven Henry
Product ID SON00000721
Composer Steven Henry
Duration 06:30 min
Genre Classical, Contemporary, Neo-Classical
Instrumentation Reed quintet
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Three Canonic Pieces
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Three Canonic Pieces

SKU SON00000721
Composer Steven Henry
Genre Classical
Instrumentation Reed quintet
Free description Three short pieces for Reed Quintet in different canonical forms
Grade 6
Duration 06:30 min
Year 2018

Score + Parts

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€ 25,00

Program Notes

Three short pieces for Reed Quintet in different canonical forms


If you are planning to perform this piece, please let me know through .

Printing instructions

  • Score can be printed on double sided A4 (long edge binding) and can be bound. 
  • Parts must be printed on double sided A3 (short edge binding) and folded along the short edge (booklet).
  • For musicians reading music digitally, please let me know. I can send you a custom part.

About "Three Canonic Pieces"

The idea behind Three Canonic Pieces is to study whether it is possible to let every instrument of the reed quintet (oboe, B♭-clarinet, alto saxophone, bassoon & bass clarinet) play the same written notes and rhythms while creating a nice piece of music.

Although the players perform the same written notes and rhythms, due to the different transposition of the various instruments, the same written notes will produce different pitches.

With this challenge in mind I composed these three short pieces, all with a different approach within the canonic form. The result is a refreshing, exciting and surprising piece of music (at least, in my opinion).

Enjoy this piece!
Steven HENRY

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