Night Visitors
David Dolatowski
Product ID SON00001942
Composer David Dolatowski
Duration 09:55 min
Genre Classical, Concert piece, Contemporary
Instrumentation Chamber ensemble
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Night Visitors

Night Visitors

SKU SON00001942
Composer David Dolatowski
Genre Classical
Concert piece
Instrumentation Chamber ensemble
Free description Chamber Orchestra
Grade 6
Duration 09:55 min
Year 2023

Score + Parts

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Program Notes

Chamber Orchestra

Story, and brief musical analysis:

There is a legend, told by some who can see earthbound spirits, of those who only come out after dark. Beware!  Those spirits may be malevolent! They are the Night Visitors.

“Night Visitors’ (2019) is a work for Chamber Orchestra, in one movement by David Dolatowski. The piece is scored for 1 Flute, 1 Oboe, 1Clarinet in B-flat, 1 Bassoon, 2 Horns in F, Violin I (4)  Violin II (4) Viola (3)  Violoncello (2) Double Bass (1) 

The piece is primarily atonal, with it’s own unique harmonies. The texture in the strings creates an etheric quality that alternates with highly rhythmic passages, while the winds offer several motives, or themes. A fugue-like section offers some counterpoint, prior to a dramatic ending Night Visitors is performed and recorded by the Utrecht Session Chamber Orchestra 2023, Alejandro Puerta Cantalapiedra conducting.

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