Raphaël Novarina
Raphaël Novarina


Raphaël Novarina is a French composer and Pianist that composes in a variety of musical styles and setting, but mainly focuses on contemporary classical piano. Novarina also manages an “easy listening” music label. Novarina has an extensive collection of albums. His Solo Piano series has over ten albums of original solo piano music. The style of each album varies, but Novarina’s compositional styles are always based in the rich European classical tradition of forms and harmonic and melodic developments. Each album contains solid playing and themed around various forms. For example, Solo Piano VIII, is comprised of ten Etudes. While Solo Piano VII is all Funeral Marches. Now Novarian is releasing Solo Piano X, which has a theme of suites.  The album contains ten suites composed by Novarian. A suite, in Western classical music, is an ordered set of instrumental pieces. Originating in the late 14th century as a pairing of dance tunes and grew in scope to comprise up to five dances, sometimes with a prelude.  The separate movements were often thematically and tonally linked. In the Baroque era, the suite was an important musical form, also known as Suite de danses, Partita or Ouverture (after the theatrical “overture” which often included a series of dances) as with the orchestral suites of Christoph Graupner, Telemann


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