Bright Lights
Maurick Reuser
Product ID SON00000944
Composer Maurick Reuser
Duration 14:30 min
Genre Concert piece, Contemporary, Songs, Solo piece
Instrumentation Organ
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Bright Lights
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Bright Lights

SKU SON00000944
Composer Maurick Reuser
Genre Concert piece
Solo piece
Instrumentation Organ
Free description Written for organ and soprano. Commissioned for Ruud Huijbregts.
Grade 5
Duration 14:30 min
Year 2021

Score + Parts

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€ 25,00

Program Notes

Written for organ and soprano. Commissioned for Ruud Huijbregts.

Bright Lights is inspired by the story of St. Catherine of Alexandria, who as chaste and devoted young Christian woman was persecuted and put to death under the reign of Roman emperor Maxentius (306-312). She was exposed to numerous horrors, including imprisonment, starvation and torture. Remarkably, when sentenced to death by a spiked breaking wheel, the awful device shattered upon her touch. As last resort, she was to be beheaded. Upon execution, a milk-like substance flowed from her neck. St. Catherine is remember as a martyr ever since.

Sharp contrasts characterize Bright Lights. Transitoriness is put against the everlasting, conflict against peace, grief against joy. The incredible main organ of the St. Cathirine church is the perfect medium to express all these extremities to the fullest. After a quiet, heavenly and innocent start, conflict kicks in. Constantly interrupted by mourning but hopeful episodes, Catherine witnesses the various horrors. After her decapitation, a bright musical light appears, whereafter the music calms down, as if starting from the beginning again. A voice from high and far appears, bringing a short but glorious message about Catherine. The apotheosis is completed.


Vox sonora nostri chori
Nostro sonet Conditori.
Per quem plebs Alexandrina
Feminae non feminina
Stupuit ingenia,
Quum beata Catharina
Doctos vinceret doctrina,
Ferrum patientia.

Let the voices of our choir
resound in praise of our Creator.
Through him, the people of Alexandria stand amazed
to see in blessed Catharine qualities that seem above her sex,
when she vanquishes learned men by her science and the sword by her courage.

27 September 2021

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